Total Lifestyle Fitness offers an array of services including Corporate Fitness Classes, Residential Fitness Classes, Corporate Fitness Competitions and Corporate Personal Training.
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Our group classes are very popular amongst our corporate and residential clients.  We arrange for a live instructor to teach at your facility on a frequency basis of your choice.  Instructors are nationally certified and experienced in their respective disciplines.  They specialize in challenging and motivating participants to be their best.  Our instructors travel with little to no equipment, but will bring a fitness atmosphere to your participants at your desired time slot.


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A certified personal trainer will be available on site to answer questions and educate participants on how to safely and effectively use fitness center equipment. Our trainers can put your participants on an individualized fitness program geared towards their specific needs, including weight loss, weight gain and toning.  Trainers typically work in facilities with gyms and fitness equipment, but can travel with minimum resistance and cardio equipment as well.​



Corporate fitness clients should expect competitions designed specifically to fit the needs of the organization.  We can program company fitness competitions, such as weight loss, company walk/runs and recreational sports.